Our Story

How it all started...

There's a popular saying which states that "old salesmen never die, they just go out of commission." This is not just applicable to the secular business of salesmanship but those who engage in the high calling of selling the gospel" without money and without price, "and such was an appropriate description of the founding pastor of the Atlanta Metro Seventh-day Adventist Church – the late Elder Perry Green.

our begginings

Not satisfied with the idea of retirement, Elder Green, after completing his final tenure as pastor of the Belvedere Church, had the vision of an inner-city Adventist church that would welcome people of every color, culture, race, and nationality. The "rainbow church" was his favorite term for this fellowship of believers. His mission was inspired by the fact that there did not exist a truly inner-city church associated with the Georgia Cumberland Conference that served the spiritual and social welfare of people within the downtown area of Atlanta.

our First location - Grant Park

With the zeal of a youthful minister rather than an aging preacher. Elder Green made plans for the establishment of a church near the site in Grant Park where the Belvedere Church was once home before its relocation to Decatur. Note: It was  the Grant Park area where the first Seventh-day Adventist  church in Atlanta was organized in1888.

During the summer of 1971, Elder Green hosted a youth team from the Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University) that started an evangelistic outreach program which resulted in the organization of a Branch Sabbath School. The outreach  continued and within a short period, the Grant Park Seventh-day Adventist church was born with a charter membership of twenty-five. At its organizational meeting on May 22, 1972, Elder E.E. Cumbo, then secretary of the Georgia Cumberland Conference, officiated in the formal service of incorporating the Grant Park Company into a fully recognized church within the conference.
Brother Ivie was formerly a member of the Moreland Avenue Baptist Church and operated a barber shop. Elder Green became a patron of his barber shop and with electrifying zeal for sharing  the message, developed a friendship with the barber, won his confidence, shared with him the three angels' messages and welcomed him through baptism into the remnant church. As growth continued through baptism and membership transfers, the church out grew its Metropolitan Avenue location and found refuge in rented space from the Moreland Avenue Baptist Church. It was while at this location that Brother Ivie and his wife again generously gave the present property for building a permanent home for the inner city church.

Expanding the vision...

The church continued to grow and soon had to find a new home. It was then that the Lord impressed upon one of its charter members and deacon, the late Y. J. Ivie, who offered a property on Metropolitan Avenue near the post office as a new home for worship services. With this move, the name of the church was changed from Grant Park SDA to The Atlanta Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist 2hurch. 

Our Story Today

Come visit our church and find out...

Currently we have a growing children's ministry, praise team, usher/deaconess board, church board and many other facets of the church. We have grown and seen many changes and still love being in the heart of Atlanta, serving others for Christ.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sabbath as we gather to worship together a 9:30 am for Sabbath School and 11:30 am for
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